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Bleach Asylum has been moved to new domain, entry in links page updated. 2021-03-06 12:18
The domain used by Bleach Asylum has been recently changed. The site has been moved from to and all the links and bookmarks pointing to old domain needs to be updated. For future reference, the new link to the site is
The entry in links page also has been updated. Now it is pointing to correct domain.
Another solution is to use a browser addon to redirect the old domain to new, I'm using Redirector for Firefox as it works best for me, you can create a rule like in screenshot below if you're using this addon.
Blocking bad bots using bot trap 2020-10-08 12:29
If you want to ban bad bots that ignore robots.txt, you should add a bot trap to your site. A simple page banning ip's of it's visitors should be ideal.
An entry to robots.txt and a hidden link to bot trap must be added for the feature to function correctly. For more details check bot trap source code on
An addition to robots.txt should look like this, where bottrap.php is the file name of bot trap script:
Disallow: /bottrap.php
Social network site project update 2020-05-19 17:12
New theme for the site, image post upload function now works, added https certificate. Also registration is now working, no need of captcha to make a new post.
New social networking project. 2020-05-18 00:24
Created a new social networking project, hosted on, with general idea of future similarity to tumbl but current state is very far from what it should be.
Google Captcha nonsense (1 Comments)2015-08-30 09:56
Trying to search about captcha on google it spits a captcha to solve for you itself thinking i'm a robot. Like a "case sensitive captcha" is a bad search term :/
Stats Reset 2014-06-11 17:36
Because of a possible abuse of stats page the stats and something more have been reset to zero.
Update: Several bugs found and fixed on the site. The stats page now has a separate counter too.
Update2: The admin name has been changed as a precaution against a possible hacks.
Damned Facebook 2014-05-18 22:44
I'm not lucky to have friendship with a few past friends on facebook. They thought they can ignore me not replying to my messages and then unfriending me. This pissed me off. Let's be this a lesson to others who's doing like that, I'd block them if there was a requirement.
I think those people don't know what they do if they're doing that :(
Spam and Inappropriate Comments 2014-05-10 20:27
There've been a few attempts of Spam on site that got through usual filter that got my attention. The user failed to input the Captcha correctly a few times with no success at all. He then registered an account (still failing Captcha a few times) on this site and then posted a single comment out of context into a one of sections of this site later resulting this offending comment getting deleted and the user account getting removed. Let's then make this as a warning for a future posters, don't post inappropriate comments an :)
Facebook Nonsense 2011-08-14 22:41
We've noticed that your account has been posting spam and irrelevant content on Facebook Pages. Because of this, your ability to post on Page walls has been suspended for 15 days. If you continue to post spam after this block has been lifted, your account could be permanently disabled.
This was that I got after a few tries to post content on some pages of facebook. Almost all of my post went to spam bin... This is a total nonsense... Hope they will fix it...
Warm Days 2011-07-17 12:53
In recent days you'd probably seen a quite high temperatures outside the window. At least in the city where I'm living it was surely hot.
But that's not a problem. There're alot of ways to spend time at home, more even when internet is fast and capable enough.

Alot of things can be found on Youtube and DeviantArt, and using Google more stuff could be found.

More content I'll probably add later, so that blog and the site would not feel abandoned after a some time.

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