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Welcome. You can look for some Pictures in Gallery or visit Blog if you want, or check some links to other sites. Other pages you can find on menu on the top, you can change language or content category and find some useful links on right side menu. The summary of site content provided in the tabs below, also you can write a comment at the bottom of the page.

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Site favicon update 2021-10-26 22:35
Site favicon updated. Image depicting the history of favicon is shown below.
Play old versions of Minecraft using the new BetaCraft launcher 2021-10-22 09:50
A polish development team called BetaCraft recently released a new Minecraft launcher where it has most of old Minecraft versions including those no longer available in official Minecraft launcher now to be available to play. For more information check their official site and their GitHub page. For example, a screenshot of a Minecraft Indev version is shown below.
Bleach Asylum has been moved to new domain, entry in links page updated. 2021-03-06 12:18
The domain used by Bleach Asylum has been recently changed. The site has been moved from to and all the links and bookmarks pointing to old domain needs to be updated. For future reference, the new link to the site is
The entry in links page also has been updated. Now it is pointing to correct domain.
Another solution is to use a browser addon to redirect the old domain to new, I'm using Redirector for Firefox as it works best for me, you can create a rule like in screenshot below if you're using this addon.

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