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Site Moved 2012-09-17 17:02
The site moved into a new server as The hosting provider is about to close the old server soon. There was some problems but now the site is back online :)
IP Banning Spree 2012-06-22 12:53
Banned a bunch of IP adresses as some seen to have suspicious behavior or been known to google. Also banned some foul ranges and malicious user agents.
Spammers Capable of Solving Capchas 2012-06-11 19:37
Recent check up on site showed me a new method of how spammers breach thru capcha protections. Ether it's spambot's have got smart to read capchas or some1 is filling in spam messages in place of them. Futher check-ups will show it.
Gallery Bugfix 2012-06-02 17:59
After a long debugging using various metods alot of bugs fixed in the Gallery page. Fixed bugs including links to non existing pages and some site vulnerabilities. Logging of wrong gallery pages added to help resolving future problems may be found,
Trying To Break the Site 2012-05-29 23:17
As You may See Earlier today I tried to break the site By Breaking the Database contents. Tried to "optimize" some contents by removing unused some and reorganizing what is neaded. All content and commens should be remaining except those of that are written by me on some unimportant pages.
Updates, Updates, Updates... 2012-05-25 13:40
As you see there's alot ongoing updates to site. Bugs are on the way to be fixed and new functions to be added. New still beta function is Section support with will add a support for content grouping and integrated browsing on content dedicated to that. The menu and links are enabled but for separate pages it's on the way.
Recent Huge Hits on Bot Trap 2012-02-16 13:32
Since the site recently been targeted by a huge flood of spammers, bot-trap did it's job. No spam messages went-through. Only logs got huge so it's time to clean-up some :D
Junk Cleanup 2011-05-27 23:23
Cleaned the old useless messages of minor site updates and only useful content left. More content awaiting.

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